Tuesday, March 13, 2012



I haven’t written anything in forever so here ya go. This is something that I’ve been thinking about a lot as well as trying to incorporate into my own life. Hope you enjoy!

We all have things in our lives that we want different but part of the reason things never change is that we always look to others to change first, or hope that certain circumstances will just magically change. You often hear “Well if this situation were different then I’d be able to do this” or “If only they would change then things would be better”. I’m not saying those aren’t valid arguments but a majority of the time we disregard the fact that we need to change as well. It’s so easy to look at others, or other people’s circumstances, and point to that as the reason our lives or our situations aren’t what we want them to be. There’s never anything in this life that you will ever truly be able to control other than yourself. You can’t control how others feel about you, where you were born, how you were raised, etc, etc. But what you can control is how you react to these situations and how you chose to handle them. Something that my father used to always teach, which is a very smart and easy way to immediately see change in your life, is to change something about your appearance. If you’ve had the same hair cut forever, change it, if you’ve had the same style of clothes forever, change it, if you wear the same jewelry every day, change it, etc. If you’ve seen the same person in the mirror everyday then you see the same person that’s been in the same situation this whole time. The easiest first step to change is to change what you see. That way you will have an immediate visual reminder of that change. Almost every time that I fight I try and change my hairstyle, not only to add to the fun and entertainment of the fight but it also gives me a visual reminder that things are different. I’m about to fight and I need to change my mindset. When I see myself in the mirror and I see that change it reminds me that it’s fight time. It doesn’t have to be a haircut but change something in your appearance, the more drastic the better. I’m not telling everyone to go out and get mohawks, but you get what I’m trying to say. As I said this is a quick and easy way that you can get started in changing your life. It can be applied to the next steps as well. Figure out some things in your life that you can change, as opposed to just focusing on what others need to change. Maybe you need to change careers or change location. Maybe you need to break up with the person you’re with because you’ve been stuck in the same situation forever(no I’m not telling everyone to break up). In the end it’s all about you. As I said before, the only people we have control over are ourselves, and most of us have enough trouble with that as it is let alone worrying about others. Make some serious changes in your own life and I guarantee that you will see changes in your outside life as well. Hope this helps. Laters!

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