Sunday, November 10, 2013


Weakness, are we born with it or do we become weak over time. Sure there are those that are just born with more strength than others but no matter how strong you are we can all be torn down, and most times it's without us even realizing it. Usually it's small, seemingly meaningless acts that break us down slowly over time until one day we look around and realize just how weak we have become.

For instance, think of when you are dieting for a fight, or for any reason, and you have a little piece of something you shouldn't, candy, cake, cookies, whatever. Will that small piece really affect you in a negative way, will it cause you to gain weight or really slow down your training?  No, probably not, but that one little piece makes it that much easier the next time and the time after that and next thing you know you are sitting in your closet in the dark scarfing down a full box of donuts and a gallon of milk like some kind of tweaker.

It's easy to look at the small things and say they are no big deal, and most times they aren't, but in the end those things can end up destroying you and everything that you have worked so hard for. All those tiny cracks in a wall, barely noticeable, will add up and one day cause it all to come crashing down, especially when it is put under extreme conditions.

One thing my father used to always say, and I still  carry it with me to this day is, "If it can't help you, and all it can do is hurt you, than why do it?" Easier said than done. But you will find the stronger that you can be in those seemingly insignificant moments, the stronger you will be when everything is against you. 
Some people are just born stronger than others, this much is true however when it comes to weakn
ess, it is usually something that we have allowed to creep into our lives slowly over time, no matter how strong or weak we were to begin with.

Take a look at your life, especially those little day to day things, and you will start to realize how all those little pieces have added up to something negative. But just as those small  cracks of weakness have built up, they can also be repaired and strengthened. It's just a matter of rebuilding that foundation slowly, till one day you are unbreakable.  

-El Presidente'

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