Friday, September 15, 2017

what if

What if…

What if I fail, what if I’m not good enough, what if I’m too old, too young, too fat, too skinny and the list goes on and on forever. We all have our fears, our insecurities, our doubts, our reasons why we can’t do something. We often look at those who have made it and assume that things just came easy to them. “They were born that way, naturally gifted; if I had…fill in the blank…I could have made it too.”

‘What if?’ one of the worst things to ever look back on your life and have to ask. I would rather fail and know the answer than to always wonder. That’s the kind of question that will haunt you until the end of time.

Courage only comes from facing something that you are afraid of and going forward anyway, not the other way around. Stop making excuses, either go for it or don’t and if you really have something in your life that’s more important than that’s ok too. However, realize that’s what you’re doing, prioritizing, because if you wanted it you would find a way. Sure, there’s always exceptions, but I’d say the majority of the time we just use that as an excuse instead of it being the actual reason we can’t achieve something.

What if? What if you make it, what if what you do changes the world or inspires someone else who is going to? The world needs you to follow your heart and accomplish your dreams. It’s not only important, it’s necessary!  

-the end

Friday, September 1, 2017

No excuses

No excuses! It’s easy to say and makes for an even better hashtag but unfortunately, we all have them. We all have something that we can point to as the reason we cannot accomplish something or why we don’t even try. I guarantee you that everyone single person that you look at as having the things you want has had, and probably still does, every reason not to make it as you do. Having an excuse does not make you special or unique. What are you going to do anyway, does. I find we tend to either look at our own life and say, “Poor me” or we look at others and assume they just had it easy. “They don’t have to deal with what I do!” Ya, you are probably right, they don’t but maybe what they have had to overcome was 100 times more difficult than whatever excuse you are telling yourself. You really have no idea what it is like to be in someone else’s shoes particularly someone who doesn’t run around complaining about every little thing they have to deal with. “They are just naturally gifted, they were born this way, they’re lucky, they started early, they don’t hate running as much as I do, they have all their limbs, they didn’t stub their toe, and so on and so forth. If you want something badly enough then you are going to have to damn well prove it and continue proving it over and over and over again. No one cares about your reasons or feels pity for you. Go out there and show everyone what you can do despite all of your limitations and excuses. Without struggle there can be no growth so be grateful for every obstacle in your way. Either you use them to build and strengthen you or you let them break you down and give you reasons to quit. The choice will always be yours.

-The end